Size Guide





Most of our corsets are lace up corsets,which have 4 inch back lacing margin.
All of our corsets are measured when the laces in the back compeltely closed.

Corset sizes are different from your actual body sizes.

The corset size is the actual measurement of the corset at the waistline, and should be about 4” smaller than your natural waist. This allows the corset to comfortably shape your waist, as well as leaving space for “spring room”: a gap left open at the back to allow for movement and small sizing adjustments.

For example: If you have Bust of 36 inches and a Waist of 28 inches, then you should choose a size 24 which has the fully laced corset measurement of 24 Inches waist and 32 Inches Bust, thus giving your body a 4" margin to tight it up to your desired width to shape your body perfectly. SEE SIZE CHART BELOW .

How to measure your waist: 
  • To determine where your natural waistline is, tie a string around your waist, bend over and then stand up straight again. The string will automatically roll to your waistline. This will probably be on or above your belly button.
  • Breathe normally and do not suck in your stomach.
  • Use a soft measuring tape.
  • Hold the measuring tape snugly around the string, and make sure it does not dig into your skin or sag down at the sides or back.
  • An accurate measurement is very important, as it will determine how well your new corset will fit.

How to wear a corset:

1.Before you put on your corset, you need to loosen the laces so that you can put it on comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to loosen the corset to your natural waist size.

2.Form the rabbit ears (which are large loops of lace) at the waist line of your corset, this makes tightlacing without assistance so much easier.Tie the laces together at the bottom.

3.Wrap the corset around you making sure it's fitting in the right places and fasten the front busk starting from top to bottom.

4.Once the busk is fastened, just make sure the corset isn't pinching anywhere and that it's resting comfortably on your figure. You might have to shift it around slightly to adjust it.

5.Tighten the laces by pulling at the crosses from top to middle and bottom to middle, pulling the rabbit ear loops to take up the excess lace, the rabbit ears are then tied together in a knot or bow to secure Pull on the loops until completely closed (or as close to that as you wish to be). When closed with this style of lacing you will see a series 'X's down the back.